New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Alex Soto has always found a way to make a difference. After 9-11-2001, Alex wanted to do what he could to help. He joined the United States Army where he served honorably and went on a combat tour in Afghanistan.


Soto's love for animals and the environment sent him on a career working with marine mammals. He cared for and trained dolphins at SeaWorld San Diego. With his military and marine mammal background, Alex went on to work with the Navy’s Marine Mammal Program where the objective was to keep our Navy vessels safe from harms way. 


His passion for martial arts has allowed Alex to travel around the world and compete in the highest levels of mixed martial arts (MMA). As a mixed martial arts ambassador, he helped create the largest mixed martial arts promotion in the middle east and created a path for young athletes to compete for the Amateur World Championships. The largest International MMA league with the goal of having mixed martial arts in the Olympics. Today, over 81 countries come together and celebrate the martial arts in Bahrain where Alex's influence and knowledge made it possible.   


Soto now works with autonomous underwater systems and helps introduce new technologies in the underwater industry. He continues to be an advocate for ocean conservation and the environment.


Alex Soto is always looking for ways to improve his community and make a difference. As a resident of Rolando, he challenged city officials to fix one of our historic "cat walks" and held them accountable. The catwalk got renovated and one of the city's neglected issues in our community got checked off. 


His proven experience in bringing people together, standing up for our communities, and making things happen makes Alex Soto the candidate to represent our diverse community. 



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